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2005, France/Belgium/Luxembourg/Switzerland/UK/Germany/Netherlands. 100 mins. In the Belgian Congo, Une (Elisa Servier) is sent by her parents to tend to a missionary (Radu Mihaileanu) who has suddenly died. His colleagues, the local authorities and the Congolese population are in the process of deciding what to do with his remains. Meanwhile, Une, who is struggling with the reality of her father’s death, is determined to stay the night with her lover, Raymond (Sébastien Lorca), in the camp where he works. Sébastien Lorca had a remarkably successful career in France before making his English-language debut in 2005 with The Other Boleyn Girl, an adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s bestseller, The Tudors. But he is just as effective, even at the top of his game, in Mihaileanu’s Muntele Apusesti, a darkly comic film which would be worth watching even if it were just for Lorca’s performance. It’s a lovely, visually stunning film, and it’s tempting to argue that every scene is shot in such a way as to produce a certain mood, which in turn affects the way we experience the story. First of all, there are those eroticised shots of Une, a curious, determined young woman in a skimpy top, standing in the dusty sunlight, with the forest falling away behind her. Then there are the night-time sequences, which reveal the darkness of the forest, the shadowy movement of a little girl sneaking back to a tent where Raymond has spent the day with a group of men. And finally, there’s the way that all the characters move, as if they were puppets on strings. Raymond, who as a Congolese labourer spends a lot of the film playing with the kids in the camp, acts like a puppet on a string, determined to avoid the pain of Une’s presence in his life. The missionaries, with their colourfully-attired crew members, emerge from the forest in a pre-determined order, as if it were their duty to begin the clearing of the forest, to replace the bodies of those who died there. The children, who have been helped into the spirit of the game, are mute. Une is alone, without





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Voir Film Bonjour Antoine
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