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I offer 3 different selection boxes which you can pick up from the farm  - email me with your choice and we'll go from there!

The family box - 1 top side or silverside joint, one other joint,  quick cook steaks (flat iron or bavette), 2 packets of high quality mince, 2 packets of stewing steak, total weight 5kg    £60


The cooks box - 1 topside or silverside large joint, 2 other joints, 4 quick cook steaks, 4 packets of high quality mince, 2 packets of chuck or braising steak, 2 packets of shin, total weight 10kg  £110


The Just for 2 box - Designed with meal solutions for 2 people, tried and tested recipies included, 1 small joint, 2 sirloin steaks, bavette or flat iron steak, 2 packets of mince, 2 packets of stewing steak  £55

And more

Steak Selection - 2 Sirloin steaks (500g total minimum) and 2 large rump steaks (700g total minimum)  where you want real flavour!  £30

Rib on the bone - A great centre piece,  2.5-3.5kg  £19/kg

Whole fillets - A whole fillet, from the tail to the head with the Chateaubriand in the middle, around 2kg  £38/kg


Please visit our online store for latest availability and our full range



At the moment we are processing two animals once a month.  This means I have fresh beef available every month, normally the last weekend of the month.  I send out a newsletter with details of the selection boxes available and delivery times 2 or 3 weeks before the beef is available.  Please sign up to our newsletter


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