A by product of beef is a hide.  In Britian this is normally exported to a far flung country where environmental legislation is poorer and labour cheaper, and turned into run of the mill leather.  


However I am trying another option and getting a small number of my hides processed into the very highest quality, environmentally friendly leather in this country by one of the 3 traditional tanneries left.  I am currently using F & FJ Bakers in Colyton, Devon.  This is an ancient tannery and probably the most traditional of them all.  The hides are pit tanned in oak bark for over 12 months to produce some of the finest quality heavy leather in the world.  I am having the best parts of my hide "bridle finished" and then hand crafting this wonderful bridle leather into belts myself back here at the farm.  I'm using solid brass buckles hand made from a foundry in Walsal so a whole range of craftspeople are involved in making a fantastic belt.


So not only can you eat the meadow you can wear it!  Have a look at the video below of the tanning process voiced over by the owner.  I have been there and can vouch that its exactly as shown!


The top belt is dark stain coloured and the botton belt is Newmarket tan.  The top buckle is a special order vintage american Hereford bull buckle (additional cost).  The bottom buckle is a nickel plated standard buckle.

  • Belts are normally available in 2 colours - Newmarket Tan or Dark Stain. 

  • They are 11/2 inches wide. 

  • My standard buckles are availble in brass or with a nickel plated finish.  They are sand cast in England.  

  • I sometimes have other specialist and collectable buckles in stock, mainly with an agricultural or nature theme, these may incure an additional cost.

  • Waists up to 45 inches can be catered for.

  • They are embossed with a snakeshead fritillary just next to the buckle (not visable when worn) and with my cow logo on the inside.

  • All hand sewn (saddle stiched) by me on the farm from leather from the farm's own cattle.


****** Feb 21 update ******

I am currently out of my own leather, but expecting more in late spring 2021