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When and Where to find our beef

Beef pop up collection at Waterhay Farm

Click and Collect 

Order and pay on line, then collect from either Waterhay Farm or Park Farm.  Fresh beef on the second Saturday morning of the month, or frozen beef by appointment

Cardboard Box

Mail Order

Need beef mailed to you? Next day courier plus woolcool packing costs from £25 (excluding beef), so works best on larger amounts. Email me your requirements


Pop Up Shop 

Come and shop for your beef in person at our Pop Up shops at either Waterhay Farm or Park Farm. The Pop Up at Park Farm is not just beef but includes a wide range of great products including veg, local preserves, bakery, cheese and more - second Saturday morning of the month.

vendingmch - 1.jpeg

Vending Machine

Our beef is in the refrigerated vending machine at Moos on Thames. Fresh mince, sirloins and topsides available 7am-9pm Friday to Wednesday subject to availability - they do sell out and we have limited quantities.  

Next beef collection 
and pop up shops

8th June


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