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Our Family

Rummings and North Wiltshire

Lots of farming families are routed in the area where they farm, and ours is no different.  Rummings have farmed in North Wiltshire for a very very long time, moving between various farms.

My Grandfather David Rumming came to Waterhay Farm in 1949, coming from Park Farm via Vines Farm in Grittenham (near Wootton Bassett).  He was sent to farm at Vines Farm during the War by the local war committee and ended up marrying his house keeper, an evacuee from the east end of London.  I guess that makes my brother and I a quarter Cockney?

Park Farm was originally part of the Bolingbroke Estate (Lydiard Park) and Rummings were tenants there well over 100 years ago.  During the depression at the start of the 20th Century when many large estates hit very hard times my Great Grandfather was lucky enough to be able to buy his farm and the family have been there ever since.

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