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Our beef cuts

Here's our cuts which feature in the selections boxes.  All the pictures are of our actual beef, and as you will see its well marbled and a lovely dark red colour due to the grass diet.

Every one loves a steak!  Whether its a platefull carnivour's main event, an elegant dining experiance or something for the BBQ we have a great range. 


For family sunday roast, a smaller mid week treat or a special project we can provide all your favourites plus others you might not have come across.  Whether you are cooking hot and fast blast or low and slow there is something for you here.

Mince and slow cook cuts

Whether its a spag bol, pie or warming stew we have the best beef you can get to build your dish around.  Just like the steaks and the joints its hung on the bone for 4 weeks so has great texture and flavour.

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