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Tongue to Tail Club


As well as your prime cuts I can offer the follow fresh delicacies to local customers at extremely reasonable prices:

Oxtail - Sliced 1kg approx  for £8/kg

Tongue - Whole 1kg (approx) for £8/kg

Kidneys - 250g packs for £10/kg 

Liver - 500g packs for £8/kg 

Heart - Whole 1.7kg (approx) £8/kg

Hangar steak / onglet -  £10/kg  *

Cheeks - a pair £10/kg

*Hangar Steak, also known as the Onglet is a meaty muscle that sits near the kidneys and has a slight kidney flavour, very popular in France


With the offal particularly, the fresher it is the better.  So sign up to recieve Tongue to Tail Club alerts and I will let you know when the above are available and the price - no obligtion to order or buy.  These will be available to collect fresh.  


Yes! Sign me up to the Tongue to Tail Club email alert!


Tongue to Tail Club T shirts coming soon! 


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