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Lots of people ask "what breed are your cattle?" 

This is not an unreasonable question, but in our case its not entirely straight forward.  We currently have two bulls, Nigel a pedigree Hereford, and Rambo a Stabilizer.  Herefords are a native british breed.  They are the result of hundreds of years of farmers selecting cattle that worked for them in their environment, originally in Herefordshire, but such was the popularity they were exported around the world.  Nigel was chosen for his specific meat producing qualities.  He came as an embryo from Australia, so is kind of well travelled.  

Rambo is quite a different beast - the Stabilizer breed is one of the newest, and is a composite  breed meaning its a particular mix 5 of native british and continental breeds.  It was created in the USA with the idea of creating a cow that was very hardy, needed minimal attention from farmers and calved really easily .  We have Rambo for his maternal genetics, meaning  that we want his daughters for replacement cows in the future.  However being a US breed, the stabilizer also has superb genetics for meat eating quality, an area where the US lead.

Our cows (females, mothers) are also cross bred or hybrids - some were bought as calves from our neighbour an organic dairy farmer and are belgian blue cross fresian, lots are half this and half Hereford, and we have more and more half Stabilizer.  Basically we are not really concerned with the breed, or colour, we are very concerned with healthy, happy, functional long lived cows who thrive off species rich pasture.  We are not looking for show winning beauty queens that need to be propped up with grain and expensive inputs.  We plan for our cows to live until 10 years old, but some get to 14.  They have one calf every year and we get the odd set of twins.

The calves that result from our cows and bulls are made up of an equal amount of males and females.  All the males end up as meat, however the very best female calves are kept in the herd, replacing older cows.    This means we have whole families of females in the herds, great grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers and daughters alone with lots of half sisters.

The Rumming family have been farming cattle on the banks of the Thames at Waterhay near Cirencester, and at Lydiard near Swindon for over 60 years.  We provide the highest possible animal welfare which together with the grass fed diet produce superior beef.


Our beef is hung on the bone for 3-4 weeks to give the best flavour and texture, and then expertly butchered and packed in our own on farm butchery.  You can collect the beef fresh or frozen directly from the farms. 

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