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Beef fat - for dripping / tallow

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Beef fat - two or three chunks of pure grass fed beef fat, total weight 500g, £4.50

This fat is know as 'cod fat' and is high quality fat from inside the hindquarters of the animal. As its 100% grass fed so it is not pure white, its more a cream colour, however in the summer it can be a golden colour due to the betacarotene in the grass coming through. It is the best fat you can get for making dripping or tallow - render down in a slow cooker, run through muslin and into sterilised jars and keep in the fridge. Use for a wide range of cooking - roasting, frying or even for suet.

Supplied vacuum packed

How much space will this take up in my freezer - Equivalent to 1/2 loaf of bread

All our beef is from our own farm, butchered and packed in our own facilities and 100% Pasture For Life certified

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