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Wild About Wiltshire

On the 14th January I was the guest of Sue Kinnear on BBC Radio Wiltshire's Wild About Wiltshire programme. It was great to follow in the steps of other local farmers like David Butler, John and Sarah Cook (Dora's Dairy) and my brother Chris. Listen to it here; Wild About Wiltshire 14th Jan

All beef tarred with the same brush?

Scrutiny of the worlds meat production, and particularly its effect on the environment and carbon are all over the TV at the moment. This is probably a good thing, BUT the quality of some of these programmes is highly variable, and the conclusions some of them draw leave a lot to be desired. I’ve watched quite few of them from Channel 4’s Veganville, and How to Steal a Piglet (in the dubious entertainment category, not science) to last night’s Panorama with Chris Packham, and George Monbiot’s Apocalypse Cow. To give Chris Packham his credit his programme was really on population, and was extremely interesting, but did visit a Brazilian farm growing soya for animal feed, and didn’t mention

DEFRA in 100 objects

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is picking 100 objects which can tell the story of the department, its people and what it does. I work part time for the Rural Payments Agency which is part of DEFRA so submitted a boundary stone from North Meadow. Today I went to London and did the following short presentation about it to the Permanent Secretary Tamara Finklestien and the other member of ExCo, the senior management team of Defra and its related bodies. As I couldn't take the stone (it weighs over 50kg, is a scheduled ancient monument and it's currently a foot under water) I took a bag of hay from North Meadow and passed this around for each to smell. Who says you can'

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The Rumming family have been farming cattle on the banks of the Thames at Waterhay near Cirencester, and at Lydiard near Swindon for over 60 years.  We provide the highest possible animal welfare which together with the grass fed diet produce superior beef.


Our beef is hung on the bone for 3-4 weeks to give the best flavour and texture, and then expertly butchered and packed in our own on farm butchery.  You can collect the beef fresh or frozen directly from the farms. 

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Chancel View, Waterhay, Leigh, Swindon, WIltshire, SN6 6QY

T: 01285 869557
e: andrewrumming@me.com

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