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Foraging on the farm

Over the last 3 weeks it's been wet and mild. Perfect weather for fungi, and not bad for the last of the berries and crab apples. We are pretty fortunate to have a range of fungi on the farm, 5 of which I've eaten so far, so when a group of Parasol mushrooms appeared I was keen to add to the list. They appeared in a large ring in one of our silage fields and I first spotted them from 200m away with binoculars. They are so big and so tall even with longish grass they are impossible to miss. We picked a number but left plenty to spread their spores. When back at home I checked my books to make extra sure what they were. There is one similar species, the Shaggy Parsol which can upset some p

First Prize!

The Pasture Fed Livestock Association had their first ever show and sale at Ross on Wye in September and we took along a couple of cattle. The association promotes meat and dairy from pasture and runs the only active 100% grass fed accreditation scheme in the UK, of which we are apart of. We've been keen members for several years, so were keen to support the event, but we had never shown cattle before. They were judged in the pen which meant that we didn't have to walk them on a halter - that could have been interesting! Ours were in the class for male young stock, and we took first prize for one of them, which was great and rather unexpected. The judge thought that it had grown well and

Beef offal

We're keen to use the whole animal so have always made a full range of offal available to customers. Beef offal is a world of texture, flavour and its great value for money. Find out what's what with my quick video guide Want to try some? Join my Tongue to Tail Club to be in the know first, click on Tongue to Tail Club on the menu at the top of this page https://www.andyrummingsbeef.co.uk/tongue-to-tail-club

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The Rumming family have been farming cattle on the banks of the Thames at Waterhay near Cirencester, and at Lydiard near Swindon for over 60 years.  We provide the highest possible animal welfare which together with the grass fed diet produce superior beef.


Our beef is hung on the bone for 3-4 weeks to give the best flavour and texture, and then expertly butchered and packed in our own on farm butchery.  You can collect the beef fresh or frozen directly from the farms. 

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Chancel View, Waterhay, Leigh, Swindon, WIltshire, SN6 6QY

T: 01285 869557
e: andrewrumming@me.com

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