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Why not stay on the farm?

Ever dreamed of staying a night in a 5 litre 1963 Bedford TK wooden horse box? Well, if you do, its now possible!

Over the last 2 1/2 years I've been working on converting and restoring this quirky vehicle into visitor accommodation here at Waterhay Farm. It started with buying the vehicle on Ebay. I was after a wooden horse box with a side door, and finally found one that had been advertised for months (but had not sold due to a selection of terrible pictures). I knew I wanted something one off, rather than a run of the mill shepherds hut, so after a visit to the scrapyard where it was located, I went for it. However I rapidly found the plan of driving it home from Derbyshire was unlikely to succeed - so one low loader journey later, the lorry finally arrived. That was late summer 2018. I was expecting a conversion in 6 months, however it turned into far more than that and has definitely entered the restoration category - something I didn't entirely sign up for. Its definitely one of those jobs where if I knew what the magnitude of the work would be I probably would have gone for an easier off the shelf option. One of my plans was to just sand the original floor, but no, the pile of wood worm damaged flooring removed (all of it in the end) was like a huge cone. At one point it appeared that I had bought a "concept", and a pile of firewood rather than glamping accommodation. Luckily the family chipped in with a range of skills and things which allowed it to happen and not completely blow the budget. Richard did some great welding, Chris did a crash course in fitting patio windows and groundworks, Esther my wife did alot of inside painting and glued all the stars to the ceiling, my mother inlaw made a fantastic quilt, my dad supplied lots of things he had including mahogany, old tanks, and the kids wove the "twigalarbra" from willow. Anyway after a few false starts/ delays (ie 2020) we are live for bookings. We are using Canopy and Stars for all bookings so why not see more details and pictures of the completed project on their website.


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