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Grass, grass, grass!

The good weather at the start of the month saw us really busy with silage making. As we finished the last field the rain rolled in, and then we had several weeks of really wet weather. Together with hay, silage is what we feed the cattle during the winter, if you want a very quick look at how we make it check out the video.

Just like humans, cows are what they eat. All the beef we sell is grass / pasture fed. What does this mean? It means that they have only ever grazed in the fields, or in the winter ate grass based silage or hay. They haven't ever been fed maize, grain (wheat, barley), soya or food industry waste products. As well as being more environmentally sustainable, a grass/pasture based diet doesn't divert grain away from the human food chain, and also there is increasing evidence that the meat resulting from pasture fed animals has health benefits. However more about these in another post. Enjoy the summer! Andy

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