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Poldark and rare birds

The end of November saw a number of interesting visitors to the farm. Firstly we had a visit from the cast and crew of Poldark, the popular BBC1 period drama. They spent a day filming at Leigh Chancel (which if you have been on one of our farm walks you will have visited). The Chancel and graveyard are owned by the Churches Conservation Trust who had given them permission to film at this excellent location. Poldark himself was not there but Demelza was, you can probably make out her ginger hair in the photo below. It was a bitterly cold day and the actors and extras were getting rather cold and needed hot water bottles and thick coats between takes. They also bought a few horses which were based in our farmyard. Apparently the Chancel features in episode 3 of the next series (series 3).

We also had a visit at the same time from a couple of Cattle Egrets. These birds are expanding their range northwards and are now increasingly visiting southern Britain. They were doing exactly what it says on the tin - following the cattle around. The following link is to the cotswold water park bird website, the picture at the top shows the Cattle Egrets in our field.

All in all two great sets of visitors.

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