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30 chefs come to visit

So the first farm visit of the year happened in early April when we hosted a day for trainee chefs from London. These folks work for Elior, who are a very large food service company, providing catering to schools, offices and even prisons. As part of their training they have been out on a trawler and visited wholesale fish markets, and were now in deepest Wiltshire on a really hot sunny day. Firstly we had a farm walk and saw some cattle, early fritillaries in bloom, then we looked at some cattle up close and talked about weights, shape and fat cover. After a quick lecture on meat quality from AHDB it was time for the butchery demo, by Maurice of Nigel Fredericks using a fine 27kg piece of our beef. After this the good bit - taking all the different steaks Maurice had cut and cooking them for lunch on the big BBQs. Great fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and judging by the amount of great questions so did the chefs! A big thank you to AHDB for bringing all their equipment and working so hard to make it run smoothly. Photos by Matt Jennings

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