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Cattle Egrets visit

Over the last week we have had one then two cattle egrets hanging out with the cattle. These are unusual for us and we are not sure how long they will stay, but they are great to watch. They love being right next to or under the cattle snapping up insects which the cattle disturb by grazing, treading or attracted to dung. A really interesting bird to watch.

It looks like great weather this weekend and all our groups of cattle happen to be easily visible from the road, Waterhay carpark and or public footpaths, so why not come and look yourself. Obviously we can't guarantee you will see them but judging on the last 2 days activity you have a really good chance. Please see the map below for where to park, where the cattle are and were the best viewing spots are. In all cases there is no need for you to access the field where the cattle are, but you may well need binoculars or a scope to get a good view. The birds are quite mobile so do check all 3 groups of cattle. Also check the corners of the areas and look carefully close to the cattle, they can be behind cows or right in among them, but seem to move a lot so if they are there you should see them after a while.

There is a small charge to park at Waterhay carpark - this charge goes to support all the great work the Cotswold Waterpark Trust do.

For up to date info on bird sightings around the cotswold water park click here

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