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Brisket Argentinian style

Smoking beef Argentinian and southern US style is all the rage. I have a few customers who do this at home, they love large pieces of brisket and also beef ribs. They use smoker style BBQs, which have a lid, and the heat is indirect and go for a "low and slow" cook.

However a couple of friends in our local village of Ashton Keynes fancied a real challenge and want to go all out by cooking a whole brisket over a fire pit in the open. I provide a 7.2kg brisket and they had all the equipment which consisted of a fire pit lined with fire bricks roughly 3ft x 2ft, and 18" deep, and a rather amazing piece of metal work which the meat was attached to. This had been built by one of their brothers and was a work of art - a mix of stainless steel and galvanised and adjustable to deal with different sized bits of meat and distance from the fire. You can also rotate the meat - BBQ bling!

Mark (pictured below) was in charge and prepped the brisket and then put it on over night, camping out next to the firepit. Now that is BBQ dedication! The end result was great. Super juicy, slightly smokey flakey beef, gourmet cave man food for 30!

Mark the cook tending to the beef

A good crust is important

Pliers required to unwire the brisket

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