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Eat beef, improve the school

I went to school in Lydiard Millicent, and then Wootton Bassett in the 80s/90s. Both schools had "mobile" classrooms also referred to as terrapins. Particularly at Bassett in the winter it was a sea of mud around the 30 or so of these and despite the teachers valiant efforts they were damp and not great. Whilst things at Ashton Keynes School are not that bad, they have a number of ageing pre fab mobile classrooms which are not linked together or to the main school building. Having decent classrooms and learning areas is really important, and it's great that Wiltshire Council have agreed to replace the classrooms. However due to limited resources they can't fund the link between them or the new learning hub thats much needed. Therefore the community is stepping in and looking to fill the funding gap.

The fundraising is already going well, but it's a huge amount to raise. There have been sponsored swims, cycles, zumba to name a few. With the current situation we are having to be creative.

So the Rumming family have donated the beef from a steer to the project. We will sell this through our normal channels (online shop or email to me) and donate the money from the meat side of the business to the project. The aim is to raise over £1000.

If you are interested in finding out more, donating independently, do have a look at their website, it's a great cause

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