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Beef collection & Pop Up shop dates for Spring 2024

Hi folks, we are currently sold out for this year with the exception of charcuterie, but will be taking preorders from 1st January 2024 for our beef available in early Februray

Saturday May 11th - Waterhay Farm 11am-1pm

Park Farm 10am -12 noon

Sunday May 12th- Park Farm 10am -12 noon

Saturday June 8th- Waterhay Farm 11am -1pm

Park Farm 10am -12 noon

Sunday June 9th- Park Farm 10am -12 noon

We will have lovely slow cook cuts like braising steak, chuck steak and shin on the bone, plus the perfect roast beef joints like topside and rib on the bone, juicy steaks, mince for all your chillis and cottage pies, plus everything else beef wise


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